Lm317t voltage regulator circuit diagram

LM317, NCV317 www.onsemi.com 4 Figure 4. Load Regulation and IAdj/Load Test Circuit Figure 5. Standard Test Circuit Figure 6. Ripple Rejection Test Circuit VO LM317 VO (min Load) - VO (max Load)

*Pulse testing required. Here is a very easy and useful schematic of an LED dimmer circuit. The circuit is using a famous voltage regulator IC LM317T.This IC can also be used as a current regulator, like it is used in the following circuit. a LM7812 IC, which is a 12 volt 1.5A fixed output voltage regulator IC. You can also use other ICs for this purpose like LM317T which is a 1.5A adjustable voltage regulator IC shown in figure 2, the desired output voltage can be obtained by placing a suitable resistor value for R1. For getting 12V from LM317 you can use a 2.1K resistor for R1. If you have more current requirements then you can Many years ago, I built a first Variable power supply using LM317. Now, I have still used it. But if you need to

use a 3A adjustable voltage regulator.This below circuit is suitable for you with 5 … The LM117 and LM317-N series of adjustable 3-pin positive voltage regulators are capable of supplying in excess of 1.5 A over a 1.25-V to 37-V output range and a wide temperature range. Adjustable Linear Voltage Regulator: The LM317T is a 3-terminal integrated circuit which can supply a load current of up to 1.5 Amps with an output voltage of between 1.2V and 37 Volts. It accepts an input voltage of between 3 and 40 volts. It can be used to regulate either current or voltage in situations where a fixed current or fixed voltage is required. R1 240 W R2 2.4 k W INPUT OUTPUT ADJUST LM317 V I R S 0.2 W Copyright © 2016, Texas Instruments Incorporated Product Folder Sample & Buy Technical Documents Tools & Semiconductor Components Industries, LLC, 2013 April, 2013

− Rev. 13 1 Publication Order Number: LM317/D LM317, NCV317 1.5 A Adjustable Output, Positive Voltage Regulator The LM317 is an adjustable 3−terminal positive voltage regulator This is LM317 voltage selector power supply projects can select output 1.5V,3V,4.5V,5V,6V,9V at 1.5A current. you can use as as battery, so saving. The New Regulator. In the modern age, integrated circuit chips do a much better job of regulating voltage and they're very easy to use. MoPar Action Magazine presented their version of this conversion in the August 2000 issue, using the LM7805 (5 volt fixed-output) 3-terminal regulator IC. While it'll bring back your instrument cluster back from the dead, you may want something with a bit more

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